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    [[Core Books]]

    *Character Creation* While it is a random process by which we are brought into the world, you can make a few choices to make your life more suited to your goals as a player. …

  • Human

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]]

    *HUMAN* Humans, or men, are the most numerous of the four races of the Old World and the most successful. For this reason, they are are often referred …

  • Cathay Human

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] [[Human]]

    *CATHAY HUMAN* Speak Night Vision Zero Alignment Neutral [[Cathay Name Chart]] [[Cathay Warrior Chart]] [[Cathay Ranger Chart]] [[ …

  • Stats

    *CHARACTERISTlCS* Each player creates (or generates’) his or her own character. The players have a degree of choice over some aspects of their character, but basic details are determined by rolling dice These details make the characters different from …

  • Wood Elf Name

    Roll d 100 Prefix Roll d 100 Suffix
    01-03 Aes 01-03 alion
    04-05 Air 04-05 andar(a) …

  • Weight Table

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] Weight is determined from the following three tables. Weight Table 1 is for body mass index. Weight Table 2 determines general weight. The last table determines how the characters height impacts their weight. …

  • Height Modifier

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] [[Weight Table]]

    Height Human Dwarf Elf Gnome Halfling
    3'3" - lbs - lbs < …

  • Eye Colour Table

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] *EYE COLUR*

    Eye Colour Human Dwarf Elf Gnome Halfling
    1 - 5 Pale Grey < …

  • Hair Colour Table

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]]

    Hair Colour Human Dwarf Elf Gnome Halfling
    1 - 5 White White …

  • Halfling Background Psychology

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] *HALFLINGS* Halflings are possibly the most easy-going race in the world, but their love of the good life should fool no one into thinking of them as a small threat. One of the little-known facts about Halfl …

  • Dwarf Background Psychology

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]] [[Mountain Dwarf]]

    *DWARF PSYCHOLOGY* Dwarfs are a far easier race for humans to understand, because the two are closer together in outlook. Comment …

  • Warrior

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]]


    < …

  • Ranger

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]]

    *Rangers* Rangers wear a suit of good, but weather-worn and travel-stained clothing, including a tatty hat, hooded cloak and thick leather boots. A …

  • Rogue

    [[Core Books]] [[Character Creation]]

    *Rogues* Rogues: begin the game wearing a suit of sturdy, if rather worn, clothing, including boots or shoes. The character carries a knife tucked into …

  • Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Gnome Career
    Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Gnome Career
    01-10 01-10 01-10 01-10 01-10 [[Alchemist Apprentice]] …

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