Core Books

Careers – A list of Careers and their descriptions available in the Warhammer Universe.

Character Creation – A book to help you create a character.

Deities and Daemons – A collection of Warhammers most worshipped beings.

Gazetteer – A list and descriptions of places in the Warhammer World

Perilous Beasts – "A Study in Creatures Fair and Foul " Being an account of beasts many and varied as witnessed by scholar and Magister Odric of Wurtbad.

Personae Dramaticus – A list of people in the Warhammer World, some famous, some infamous and some who just till, fish and go about their subsistent living.

Races – Playable Races. Including Stats, skills, and psychology

Skills – A list of skills available in the Warhammer World


Stats – An explanation of the Statistics used in the Warhammer World

Core Books

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