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Humans, or men, are the most numerous of the four races of the Old World and the most successful. For this reason, they are are often referred to simply as ‘Old Worlders’. Humans look pretty much like ourselves, but may be somewhat more rugged, living as they do in a more vigorous and demanding age.

Humans are extremely diverse as such many attributes they posses are a function of where they are from. You should select a birthplace for your human character if one is not recommended already by the GM. As most characters in this campaign are from the Empire it is listed on this page first.

All Humans have the same starting stats.

M WS BS S T W I A Dx Ld Int Cl WP Fel
d3+2 2d10+20 2d10+20 d3+1 d3+1 d3+4 2d10+20 1 0 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+20

Height Male 5’4" 4» D10”
Female 5’ + D10"
Psychology No special psychology rules.
Fate Points d3+1
Humans: 6D6/6D10 years. If the result is less than 16 roll again, adding the new score to the original. This gives a potential age range for Humans of between 16 and 75 years.

The Empire Human
Bretonnia Human
Cathay Human
Kislev Human


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