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Character Creation

While it is a random process by which we are brought into the world, you can make a few choices to make your life more suited to your goals as a player. Do you want to be a

Warrior rough and tumble type excellent and beating a foe to a pulp.
Ranger woodsmen who really on ranged weaponry and know there way around the wilderness.
Rogue Stealth and subtlety.
Academic Aspiring wizardry students and Initiates apply within.

Each class has a minimum requirement.

Warriors 30 WS – Dwarves and Gnomes are guaranteed 30 WS Halflings have 5% chance to qualify.
Rangers 30 BS – Elves are guaranteed 30 BS Gnomes and Dwarves have 5% chance to qualify.
Rogue 30 I Except Elves who need a 65 (being natural good elves tend to shy away from Rogue careers) – Halflings are guaranteed 30 Dex. Elves have a 25% chance to qualify Dwarves have 5% chance to qualify.
Academic 30 Int – Elves are guaranteed to qualify.

Races not listed have a 50% chance to qualify for any given class.

To start your character select a race from the list below!
Mountain Dwarf
Wood Elf
Imperial Gnome


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