Pit Fighter

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M WS BS S T W I A Dx Ld Int Cl WP Fel
0 +20 0 0 +1 +2 +10 0 +10 0 0 +10 0 0

In many parts of the Old World, combat to the death is still a popular form of entertainment. The cheapest form this takes is a one-on-one brawl in an enclosed ring or pit, between two condemned criminals or prisoners of war. The fights can be hard and vicious, because Pit Fighters who manage to survive for any length of time pick up a lot of weapon training and, in some cases, enough money to buy their freedom. In previous decades, it was fashionable to use Half-orcs as Pit Fighters, but they were too dangerous to keep in or near large Human populations. and Human Pit Fighters are the norm. Also, there is a growing breed of professional Pit Fighters, men who do the job for the money and the sport, who are not just convicts. The sport attracts large
audiences, and much money changes hands through betting. Those few hardy souls who survive long enough to buy their way out nearly ways end up as Outlaws, Bounty Hunters or adventurers, where their formidable fighting skills and fearlessness makes them indispensable.

Dodge Blow
Specialist Weapon – Fist Weapons
Specialist Weapon – Flail Weapons
Specialist Weapon – Partying Weapons
Specialist Weapon — Two-handed Weapons
Strike Mighty Blow
Strike to Injure
50 % chance of Very Resilient
50% chance of Very Strong

Mail Shirt
20 % chance of Two-handed weapon

Career Exits

Bounty Hunter
Giant-Slayer (Dwarfs only)
Judicial Champion
Outlaw Chief
Tunnel Fighter

Pit Fighter

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