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M WS BS S T W I A Dx Ld Int Cl WP Fel
0 +10 +10 +1 0 +4 +10 1 +10 0 0 +20 0 0

The Dwarven Troll Slayer is an illustration of ’the strange personal psychology that dooms
many Dwarfs to short and violent lives. Young Dwarfs who have been crossed in love or otherwise humiliated will abandon conventional Dwarven society and go to seek death hunting down the most ferocious of beasts. Most of them die fairly quickly, but those few who survive become members of the strange cult of Troll Slayers exist only to die and by doing so redeem whatever disgrace they suffered in the past (and in to which it is neither polite nor wise to enquire). They seek death by deliberately seeking uneven battles – going alone into Goblin strongholds is one example. Trolls are considered the ideal opponents, because the Dwarfs death is almost a certainty. ‘troll Slayers can be recognized easily by their hair, which is spiked and dyed orange, and by the many tatoos which cover their bodies. They also favour exotic jewelry. such as earrings and noseplugs. They spend agreat deal of their time boasting of their exploits and showing ofi their many scars, and often indulge in bouts of overeating, fasting, and excessive consumption of stimulants


Dodge Blow
Specialist Weapon – Two-handed Weapon
Street Fighter
Strike Mighty Blow

Two Handed Axe

Career Exits

Giant Slayer


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